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Large foreheads can sometimes contribute to insecurity by widening the face and decreasing perceived femininity. To address this, two main options are available:

  1. Forehead reduction surgery (also known as Hairline Lowering)
  2. Forehead reduction with hair transplant

These procedures, considered gender-affirming for some, help create a smaller forehead whether the condition is genetic or due to a receding hairline.

🤔 How does forehead reduction work?

You may come across with variations of the term such as: forehead lowering, hairline lowering, forehead shortening or forehead narrowing

In each case, this surgery entails the removal of a strip of hairless skin just below the hairline, typically up to 4 cm, and then pulling the hairline downward to create a lower and more proportionate forehead.

🩺 What’s so special about “C Reduction”?

C Reduction, named after the renowned Turkish Plastic Surgeon Dr. Cengizhan Ekizceli, is a specialized technique for forehead reduction surgery which includes several unique elements:

To contact Dr. Cengizhan Ekizceli for forehead reduction surgery or other aesthetic treatments, you can visit the contact page & get consultation from us free of charge!

💸 What’s the cost of forehead reduction surgery?

In our recent article on Deep Plane Facelift, we have mentioned that it is nearly impossible to fix a price on plastic surgery. That is because factors such as patient variability, different types & extents of the procedure in question, the standards of the country & facility you are planning to have your surgery fluctuate the cost greatly.

Despite such an issue, we have gathered confirmed data from the RealSelf platform which is based mainly on U.S. surgeons’ patient-base. So, here’s some insight for you to consider:

  • The min. cost of forehead reduction is said to be $5K
  • The max. cost of forehead reduction is said to be $14K
  • The average cost of forehead reduction is said to be $9K

Surgical costs vary based on the surgeon’s level of experience.

🤯 How does hair transplant work in forehead reduction?

Forehead reduction with hair transplant, also called hairline advancement with transplant, refers to lowering the hairline and shortening the length of the forehead without having to undergo surgery. This treatment involves only hair implantation techniques. 

The process consists of determining the new hairline in line with the patient’s facial structure, harvesting hair follicles from the donor area, prepping the grafts and transplanting them. After recovering, the new hairline settles in a few months and a more proportionate face with a smaller forehead appears.

👀 Hair Transplant for Women

Since it does not require complete shaving of the head, women tend to prefer the technique of opening a finger-length ‘window’ at the back of their scalp. This allows a lesser amount of donor area than the usual, but generally done for aesthetic purposes since the long hair of women can cover the said window. The method, also known as unshaven hair transplant, often involves FUE hair transplant using DHI pen.

Another difference is that men typically have a more stable donor area in the back of the scalp, less affected by hair loss hormones. Meanwhile, hair loss patterns of women can be more disorganized, affecting the potential donor area. A diligent evaluation is needed to ensure there are healthy follicles for transplanting.

💸 What’s the cost of hair transplant for forehead reduction?

It is quite challenging to determine a standard cost for hairline lowering with hair transplant due to various factors such as the extent of the procedure, the number of grafts needed, and the individual characteristics of each patient’s hair and scalp. In addition, the geographic location of the clinic and the experience of the surgeon can also influence the price.

Although RealSelf is not able to provide an average number on this category; we would still like to give you an idea using AI-based data collection, which you should keep in mind that it may be less reliable since these numbers are not coming from a confirmed source.

  • The min. cost of hair transplant is said to be $3.5K
  • The max. cost of hair transplant is said to be $13.5K
  • The average cost of hair transplant is said to be $7.5K

🌛🌜 Let’s check out Pros & Cons!


✅Instant result afterwards

✅Quick & effortless recovery in 2 weeks

⏺️ Average incision

✅Can provide facelift effect with fox eye option with longer incisions

⛔Cannot alone provide hair density

⛔Needs surgical intervention

⏺️General anesthesia

⏺️Difficult to operate on male pattern hair loss

⛔Results after at least 6-12 months

⛔Healing takes more time & attention

✅ Micro incision

⛔Only provides a smaller forehead

✅ Hair density is one of main goals

✅Less invasive than surgery

✅Local anesthesia

✅Ideal for any type of hair loss

🧐 Is it possible to combine forehead reduction surgery with hair transplant?

Forehead reduction surgery and hair transplant procedures can theoretically be combined, but it is generally not advised due to the risk of compromising blood supply to the affected areas. Each procedure targets different zones of the scalp, and both rely heavily on an intact and robust blood supply for optimal healing and results.

During the treatments, blood vessels may have a risk of being harmed. So, performing both simultaneously can alter the blood supply needed for healing, leading to potential hair loss and suboptimal results. It’s better to space out these procedures to ensure proper healing and maintain adequate blood flow.

💡 Can you have a smaller forehead naturally at-home?

Rising trend of face yoga claims you can, but a vast number of scientific research disagree. We are aware that there are many influencers online demonstrating the effects & benefits of face yoga and it is agreeable to a certain extent that it may slim down or lift some areas over a long period. But let’s be real, even a harsh massage cannot shorten a wide area as you wish, let alone a softer one.

In conclusion, recent face massage tools like gua sha or your fingers can have a slight slimming and tightening effect but it is scientifically impossible to reduce a large zone than it actually is.

📸 Before & After Comparison

Even after all the reading & researching, sometimes it is just best to check out some before/after pics of the said procedures compared in this article! If you are intrigued, see other testimonials on C Reduction by Dr. Cengizhan by clicking here!

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