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This facelift, also called classic or total facelift, targets all areas of the face for a comprehensive rejuvenation. When doing a deep plane facelift, your doctor will aim at your entire face, including the jaw, chin and neck area.

What distinguishes it from other facelifts, like mini facelift, is that the incisions extend to the hairline at the back of the ear, from the typical starting point which is the front of the ear. Therefore, if your skin concerns are directly related to your neck and jaw area, deep plane facelift will be the perfect solution for you!

To summarize, if your saggy or wrinkly skin parts include the lower half of your face, feel free to get a deep plane facelift consultation from us.

✨ Benefits of Deep Plane vs. Other Facelifts

Mini FaceliftDeep Plane Facelift

☑️Targets excess skin around mouth, cheek & jaw area only

☑️Stitches start from front part of ear and ends there

☑️Does not remove the ‘turkey neck’ appearance

☑️Stitches can be slightly visible

☑️5-10 years of effective results

☑️Targets excess skin around neck & chin area as well as mouth, cheek, jaw

☑️Stitches start from front part of ear and ends on behind the ear

☑️Removes the ‘turkey neck’ appearance easily

☑️Stitches are seen less often due to hairline location

☑️10-15 years of effective results

💯 Most Comprehensive & Permanent Facelift

Overall, you can tell that deep plane facelifting is the ideal choice for people having saggy skin issues on their neck area. Since operations such as mid-facelift and endoscopic facelift intend a smaller zone of skin, this method of facelift is the most comprehensive one among all.

❗❗ It may also be considered as the most permanent type of facelift due to the fact that the neck ages more visibly past the age of 40-45 after which the collagen & hyaluronic acid amount in the skin start to decrease. That is the main reason it is a quite popular facelift category between middle-aged people.

As we mentioned endoscopic facelift (leading incisions through frontal hairline), we should also imply that the deep plane method involves incisions through the hair so it is unnoticeable in the future. In that case, if your main concern is scarring you can get information on all types of Facelifting just by clicking! 


🤩 Deep Plane Facelift with Stem Cell Option!

Stem cells are already available structures within our fatty tissues. Especially after the age of 30, our skin tends to slowly lose the amount of fatty tissues, which leads to lesser skin elasticity. Since stem cells produce collagen by transforming into skin-cells needed in the area injected, stem cell injection is an important practice in skin regeneration.

Therefore, Dr. Cengizhan promotes stem cell injection either as a part of cosmetic surgery, or on its own. A delicate and quite rare stem cell device in Turkey supports the operations for additional glowing in skin.

If you decide to make a deep plane facelift appointment, make sure to ask for this exceptional service for better & longer-lasting results.


💸 Determining The Cost of Deep Plane Facelift

We know you are having a hard time figuring out the real price of a deep plane facelift through the internet. Because it is nearly impossible to fix a cost on cosmetic surgery! Depending on the inflation rate, rising or discounted prices & the doctor’s competence who will perform the operation, the money to be spent in total will vary significantly.

Yet, we have gathered some insight from a renowned database just so you can have an idea. According to RealSelf platform, the prices of a standard facelift (deep plane in other words): 

  • vary from  $8K to $45K
  • average cost of which is $17K

As expressed before, this might not be even true for the circumstances of the country you are planning to have your facelift in. So, if stated numbers exceed your budget, do not worry at all! It is perfectly possible to have your operation done safely & professionally by a top surgeon regardless.

💉 Comparison of Cheaper & Non-Surgical Facelift Treatments

Typically, people tend to research natural, at-home & non-surgical options before they set out to get plastic surgery. But such non-surgical methods have minor satisfaction rates compared to deep plane facelift.

Some of the most popular facelift searches from Google contain HIFU and facelift tape. Let’s explore both:


Considering non-surgical options is completely normal but keep in mind that such methods are not always performed by health-care professionals. It is always an accredited doctor to do your deep plane facelift because of the exquisite work in question. The scars will fade to an undistinguishable extent & you will be left with much more permanent results

It is safe to say that deep plane facelift might be a better investment for your skin in the long run.

💓 Reviews from Former Patients

Some of the best ways to ensure you are in good hands when it comes to cosmetic operations is to check out real-life experiences of former patients! Here, you can see one of Dr. Cengizhan’s former patient’s testimony of the classic facelift procedure.

Make sure that your surgeon has at least 6 years of experience after graduating from an academically recognized medical institution. Dr. Cengizhan Ekizceli has gained over 10 years of expertise in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery following his graduation from Istanbul University, which is considered among the top medical schools.

You can click here to see other facelift transformations by him!


  • What’s The Best Age to Get Deep Plane Facelift?

Since a full (deep plane) facelift also covers neck area, it is usually advised to get such after the age 40-45, until 65.


  • How Long Does A Deep Plane Facelift Last?

In general, the effects of a deep plane facelift lasts for 10-15 years. Such numbers can vary based on genetic skin elasticity, age at the time of operation, craftsmanship of the doctor in question.


  • Is Post Operation Recovery Hard?

Swelling and bruises usually disappear within a week. And in 2-4 weeks, you can expect to fully recover from the surgery. Post-operation, wearing a compression garment to protect your face is advised to patients. These are basically all you will be doing while recovering, so no, the recovery is not hard as you are afraid so.

  • What Are Different Types of Facelift?

There are many surgical & non-surgical procedures based around facelifting. You can learn them all through clicking here & find out which one suits you best!