Double Chin

Double Chin

The accumulation of fat in the area under the chin, neck, and saggy skin can lead to the occurrence of fatty bags or bulges that negatively affect the appearance of the face, making it look older. Genetics also plays an important role in the occurrence of such problems. Fortunately, Dr. Cengizhan Ekizceli can offer through aesthetic medicine many effective solutions to such a problem.

● What are the possible procedures in the Double Chin operation?

There are many procedures that can be applied such as neck lift and liposuction, and the options are determined according to the needs of the patient, where liposuction removes the fat under the skin, while the neck lift works on repositioning the muscles and removing sagging skin.

● How is Double Chin surgery performed?

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes about one hour. Dr. Cengizhan Ekizceli makes a small incision under the chin to get liposuction using the Vaser technique to dissolve the fat under the skin using ultrasound, then the fat cells are emptied and removed. A bandage on the skin below the chin is placed. Then he removes the excess saggy skin as required by the situation and as agreed upon before the operation.

● Who is a good candidate for Double Chin surgery?

Patients who suffer from chin fat and are in good health but want to lose some of the fat and excess skin in that area are the best candidates for this operation, in such a case it is best to combine liposuction and neck lift.

● What is the healing time for a Double Chin surgery?

Swelling and bruising are normal after surgery and begin to fade after three days when the patient can resume his normal daily routine.

● Is there an alternative to surgery to get rid of a double chin?

There are some options that work to break down and dismantle unwanted fat cells in the chin area, but this method is considered ineffective because it only works to reduce fat in that area and is not considered an adequate solution.