Otoplasty surgery, that Dr. Cengizhan Ekizceli performs, improves the shape of the ears and repairs congenital or injury deformities to create a more natural shape while achieving balance and proportion to the ears and face.

● What is Otoplasty surgery?

It is an operation performed on the outer ear to correct the position of the ears, their size, or their shape.

● What is the best age for ear plastic surgery?

The best age for otoplasty is after the age of about five until the cartilage in the patient’s ears settles, so the child at this age can start school with normal ears.

● How is Otoplasty surgery performed?

The operation is done under general anesthesia. Dr. Cengizhan Ekizceli makes an incision in the back of the ear where it connects to the head so that the scar is hidden.

● Who are good candidates for Otoplasty surgery?

Children over five years of age and adults who are healthy but dissatisfied with the appearance of their ears, As it is possible that the ear cartilage is much larger than the usual size, which leads to the protrusion of the ear or that there are abnormalities in the outer ear.

● Will there be any scars after surgery?

Dr. Cengizhan Ekizceli is keen that the scars resulting from the surgery are few and invisible, so he works to place the plastic surgery incisions in the natural folds of the ear, so in this case, they are completely hidden.

● Does Otoplasty plastic surgery affect hearing?

Otoplasty surgery reshapes the outer part of the ear, and the hearing process is done through the middle and inner ear, and these areas are never touched by the doctor during the surgery, so otoplasty will not affect hearing in any way.

● Is otoplasty surgery painful?

Otoplasty is not painful, but there are some slight discomforts on the first night, which go away after 12 hours of surgery.