Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation

Balance and proportion are essential principles of beauty, except for rhinoplasty.
Perhaps there is no other surgery more effective than chin augmentation in maintaining balance and

● What is chin augmentation?

It is a surgical procedure that Dr. Cengizhan Ekizceli performs through which the shape or size of the chin is changed or both, according
to the patient’s desire.
The edges of the chin can be rotated in women, or the chin can be more prominent through
implantation in men.
It is often performed with rhinoplasty to achieve balance and harmony in the facial features.

● Who are the candidates for chin augmentation?

This procedure is done for people who are not satisfied with the shape of their chins and suffer from
an inferiority complex.
The chin gives a lot of face shape and can affect the size and contours of the face badly.

● How is chin augmentation performed?

It is performed using general or local anesthesia with the patient being given a pain reliever.
It is performed through a small incision either under the chin or inside the mouth, and through this
incision, the plastic surgeon prepares a space for the chin implant, then some implants are
implanted or fat is injected to enlarge the chin and the incision is closed.
There are several types and sizes of implants, but chin implants consist of rigid and semi-rigid
materials such as silicon and are the most commonly used for chin augmentation.
What are the risks of chin augmentation?
Chin augmentation is associated with a small number of experienced plastic surgeons.
Possible risks include infection, hematoma (internal bleeding), change in implant position, and poor
scarring as well as side effects from anesthesia.
Recovery phase after chin augmentation
Patients who have had surgery should stop working and engage in most other daily activities for a
week or two after surgery.
The patient will need to sleep while keeping his head elevated by placing pillows to help him control
postoperative swelling and maintain healing and healing of the wound.
The surgeon may ask to follow a diet for a week.

● When will the final result of chin augmentation appear?

The result approaches the final form within one month after the surgery, while the final result appears
after three months, when the swelling disappears.