Butt Implants

Butt Implants surgery that Dr. Cengizhan Ekizceli performs can reshape the look of your buttocks for a more aesthetically pleasing result.
Butt silicone implants are artificial devices surgically placed in the buttocks to create volume in the area and enhance the shape of the buttocks.

● What is Butt Implant surgery?

It is the process of augmenting the buttocks, either through the use of implants, or by transferring the patient’s existing fat, or sometimes a combination of the two.
Dr. Cengizhan Ekizceli may choose a range of appropriate techniques based on several basic factors such as the size and shape of the buttocks, the amount of fat in the body available for use in the liposuction process in addition to the elasticity of the skin as well as the amount of excess skin.

● How is Butt Implant surgery performed?

Dr. Cengizhan Ekizceli surgically inserts solid silicone implants into the buttocks through small incisions in them.
The implants are placed either above or below the muscle as planned in advance, and the size of the implants depends on the size of the buttock that the patient desires.
Sometimes this procedure is combined with liposuction to get better results because the fat helps soften the implants, where fat is suctioned from the back, flank, abdomen, or thigh areas, and this helps define the shape of the body in the shape of an hourglass to highlight the curves.

● How long does a Butt Implant procedure take?

The Butt Implant surgery is performed under general anesthesia and lasts more than two hours, depending on the techniques used in the operation.
As if the patient is undergoing a Butt Implant with liposuction, each procedure usually takes between one or two hours.

● When are silicone implants a good option?

Silicone implants are a safe and effective source of buttock enhancement as they add the right size that injections and fat grafting alone cannot do.
In addition, this procedure is done for patients who do not have enough fat in their bodies to be injected into the buttocks.

● How long does it take to get the final results?

Over time, the swelling will disappear after surgery, the incision lines will fade, and the results are immediate.
However, the final results will not appear until a year after the surgery as the fat is completely placed, and this provides natural results in terms of appearance and feel.

● Are the results permanent for life?

It is possible that the huge initial size of the buttocks will disappear because the body absorbs some of the fat injected into the buttocks with 60-80% of the transferred fat.

● Is it possible that weight gain or loss affects the shape of the new buttocks?

Of course, weight gain or loss affects the size of the buttocks where transferred fat can grow or fade just like any fat in the body.

● Will be there any scars after Butt Implant surgery?

The location of the incisions is carefully chosen as they can be hidden with normal clothes and swimwear.
The stitches deep into the tissue also help to form and support the lines of the new shape of the buttocks.
Sutures, tapes, skin adhesives, or clips are used to close the incisions.

● Is the surgery painful?

During the operation, the patient is under general anesthesia, meaning that he is relaxed and will not feel any pain.
After the surgery, any pain or discomfort that the patient may feel will be controlled through medications and fade within days.

● What is the healing time for a Butt Implant surgery?

The recovery process differs from one patient to another, and on the other hand, recovery depends largely on the approved procedure, as some patients have the ability to tolerate surgical procedures better than others.
In general, most patients return to work within a week or ten days.