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Plastic surgery can lower the hairline to minimize the forehead, which is commonly called “forehead reduction surgery”. But in cases where the forehead is unusually large (9-10 cm or more) or the patient suffers from a lack of skin elasticity so the doctor cannot finalize the surgery to provide the perfect result, the operation is performed in two stages by Dr. Cengizhan.

In the “Balloon” technique, there are two operations to take place in total: 

First, medical balloons are inserted into the head to maximize the length of the forehead skin. These balloons are then filled with water on a regular basis for every week.

In the second & final surgery, the patient is now considered ideal for forehead reduction. The forehead can be shortened by 7 cm, which is typically only 2-3 cm in the traditional forehead reduction operations.

1. Step: the Balloon Technique

  • Generally, two or three balloons (for symmetrical purposes) are placed into the hair-bearing skin. 
  • Then, the incisions are closed without doing any reduction to the size of the forehead.
  • The doctor leaves open entries for balloons to be injected & swelled up with water.
  • Once the doctor confirms the stitches are secured & healed, which can take about 2 weeks, it is possible to inject fluid into the balloons.
  • Fluid (pure water) injection process can take from about 10 weeks. Good news is, patients can go back to their home (whether they live abroad or not) and complete such injection process all by themselves!

Patients will fill the balloon by 30 ml each time of injection, which is planned to be 10 times. So, in total, the balloon will finally have 300 ml.

Note: Keep in mind that the fluid the patients use to inject their balloons only consist of water, and it does not go into their body by no means. The balloons are placed only to be removed afterwards.

2. Step: Forehead Reduction Operation

  • After the balloons are regarded as full, the second & last surgery can be performed.
  • Dr. Cengizhan marks the new & shorter hairline.
  • Balloons & its stitches are removed from the head completely.
  • Then, the forehead is reduced by size, according to the recently-marked hairline.
  • This way, the patients can lose up to 7 cm of their forehead size.
  • Dr. Cengizhan closes the stitches within the new hairline using his special “C Reduction” method in order to minimize the scarring.

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